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Brush Family Dentistry | Our Philosophy About Kids in Brush

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Our Philosophy About Kids
Kid's Section

Our Philosophy About Kids

We love treating children in our office. It is very rewarding for us to start a child on the path of regular, lifetime preventive care without fear. Indeed, it is crucial to start without fear. Many adults are still fearful patients today from painful or fear filled treatment as a child. For this reason, we let the child`s personality and maturity be our guide in the treatment we are able to perform. Most children do extremely well starting at age 3 with an exam and a rubber cup polishing of the teeth. But, if all they`ll let us do at this first visit is the exam, we`ll stop there. If we can`t even do that, we`ll reappoint for 6 months later and try again. We do not force or berate a child. If we suspect that there are cavities or other problems in a child`s mouth that do need treatment, and they are not cooperative for us, we refer to a Pedodontist. This is a specialist in children`s teeth and behaviors.

Most of our young patients are great helpers though, and are eager to return for their next visit.

Please ask for a copy of our "Parental Guidelines" to be mailed to you prior to your child`s first visit. These help you to understand our philosophy and how you can help treatment to go well. We both have your child`s best interest at heart.

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